When you visit first, expect to find real folks celebrating the person and work of Jesus. You can expect Jesus-focused preaching, and contemporary music. We enjoy being family with each other, and we invite you to join our family.


What should I wear?

Come as you are. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt kinda person…wear them. If you feel more comfortable dressed up, please do so.

What Should I Expect When I Arrive?

Real people greeting you at the door. We're going to be excited you here and we'll answer any questions you have.


What About Child Care?


Thank you for entrusting your children to us. Our ultimate God is to come alongside parents and begin to plant the seeds of faith in Christ in the hearts and minds of children. We have classes ranging from nursery through 5th grade, and we have our youth group meeting in the building next door.

At First we value your child’s safety and security and believe it to be one of our top priorities. Because of this, a secure, computerized check-in system is in use. Using one of our kiosk's, you'll check your child into the system and receive a printed name tag each time they attend.

Along with the child’s name, the tag will list the child’s room assignment and a unique alpha-numeric code. Parents will also receive a tag with the identical alpha-numeric code that will serve as identification when picking up their child

If this is your first visit and your child has never attended one of the classes, please go to the Child Check-In kiosk location and register. Any of our greeters would be more than happy to show you where it is.

If you would like to avoid first-time registration for children newborn through 5th grade, you can download the app for free and sign your kids in. Click a button below to download the app.