We believe “family” matters.

And whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or mentor, we are all a part of the spiritual family of God. And we all have a role to play in impacting the next generation. So, we want to use this online resource to help equip everyone to do just that. Below you’ll find some explanation and common terms we use when we talk about investing in the next generation. And check back frequently for more resources to help you fulfill your God-given role of pointing the next generation to follow Jesus.



Your kids will grow up a lot faster than you ever dreamed. That’s why we help you stay focused on what you can do today to connect with your child. We know you can’t cram anything more to do in your already busy day, so we help you use the time you already have. We’ve designed Parent Cue Times of Day, specifically for each phase of your child. Below you’ll find an explanation of each cue by phase (FYI, Cuddle Time doesn’t work that great for your middle-schooler, unless you love lots of eye rolls.)

Encouraging words to start your child’s day on a positive note

Special reminders and words to help you connect with your babies’ heart

Just-right words to say or sing as you hug your baby or toddler close

Wind down together and bring comfort as you begin or close the day with these special activities

Great conversation starters to intentionally use the time you spend in the car together

Strengthen your relationship through heart conversations at the end of the day

Great questions and ideas to establish values with intentional conversations while you eat together

Strengthen your relationship by adjusting your plans to show up whenever they need you

Early Childhood
(0-4 Years)

Morning Time
Drive Time
Feeding Time
Cuddle Time
Bath Time

(K-5th Grade)

Morning Time
Drive Time
Meal Time
Bed Time

Middle School
(6th-8th Grade)

Morning Time
Drive Time
Meal Time
Bed Time

High School

Morning Time
Meal Time
Their Time
Bed Time

Click the buttons below to access some questions to get to know your child better and pave the way to have Jesus conversations all throughout the day.

Life Stage Milestones



There are big moments in your kid’s life that give a particular opportunity to deeply nurture faith and spur on spiritual growth. We’ve created equipping events around each of these seven milestones to help parents leverage the opportunity for lasting relational and spiritual impact.

Parent-Child Dedication

A new baby is a life-changing event and opportunity. Our milestone celebration, Parent-Child Dedication, will help you envision the faith, character, and qualities you hope to see in the future adult you are raising. We’ll walk you through what being the primary disciple-makers in your family looks like and help you create a plan to parent with that goal in mind.

Move Up

Sending your kid to elementary school for the first time is a big change! At Move Up K, we invite you and your kindergartener to come celebrate this big milestone and help you prepare your soon-to-be elementary student for this exciting season and celebrate what’s to come.


When the Spirit of God begins stirring in your child’s heart and they come to you asking great questions about following Jesus, turning away from sin, and making a public declaration of their faith, we want to equip both parents and their children to understand the foundations of faith, baptism, and a life of following Jesus.

Move Up

In a season with lots of change, new emotions, and new discoveries, Move Up 6 is an opportunity to connect your sixth grader to a family of faith, affirm their unique identity, understand healthy relationships, and prepare for and celebrate the season ahead.

Move Up

High school brings about a new independence. At Move Up 9, we gather to celebrate this change and provide an opportunity to talk about hopes and dreams for the future and to make a plan to navigate your ninth grader’s growing freedom and responsibility.

Rite of Passage

Turning sixteen is a significant time in a student’s life. They get their driver’s license, start thinking about colleges and careers, and truly begin the transition into adulthood. In the Rite of Passage milestone, we equip parents to lead and teach their kids about the characteristics of biblical manhood and womanhood. We’ll help you plan a special family celebration filled with meaning and spiritual impact.


The years have flown by and now your child is ready to fly! At the Graduation milestone, we encourage parents to affirm the unique character, gifts, and talents they see in their graduates as we celebrate and thank God for all He has done leading up to this next chapter before them. It’s an opportunity to look forward, preparing and praying for the future.

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