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Here at First Baptist, we love students! We believe that Jesus loves them too and that they aren’t the future of the church, they are the church, right now. We are all about helping students have a life-changing relationship with Jesus, to own their own faith, be connected with others and our church, and serve in a cause that is bigger than them.

Life Groups


Each Wednesday at 6:30pm we gather together for MIX, a student-focused worship gathering. Your student will experience fun games, engaging worship in song, hope-filled and relevant Bible teaching, and small group discussion. Here’s a look at this October’s series on influence, MOST LIKELY TO!

When you hear the word “leader,” you might think about an influential artist or celebrity, or a famous politician, or a coach on a soccer field, or that kid who just got elected class president. And, sure, those people are definitely leaders! But these aren’t the only ways to lead. Great leaders don’t have to have official positions, titles, or people who report to them. With God, being a great leader is something anyone can achieve because leadership is simply about becoming the kind of person who’s worth following. But how? In this four-week series, we’ll look at the example of Jesus, plus ordinary people like Moses, Solomon, and the apostle Paul, who were all given opportunities to lead and make a difference in others’ lives. Through their examples (both good and bad), we’ll see how great leaders are the people most likely to follow through, choose to love, choose integrity, and follow God’s lead.

Life Groups


Every Sunday morning at 9:45am students can join us for Life Groups to find community and do life with others going through the same things they are. We believe that life happens best and we grow the most in the context of relationships. Life Groups are an opportunity to study God’s Word and apply it practically to what’s going on in life right now.

Life Groups


Students love to do things and so do we! Good fellowship is a key component to what we do, so we provide opportunities through the school year and summer for students to invite friends, have fun, laugh, and meet Jesus. 

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Life Groups