New Series

Rethinking Relationships

Relationships.  God created you to be in relationships.  In fact, our lives are built around relationships at school, at work, at church, in our community and neighborhoods, and in our homes.  The best relationships take intentionality, vulnerability, courage, and even some hard work at times.  Good friendships, marriages, and homes can be so fulfilling and rewarding in many ways.

But what if God has something greater to accomplish in and through our relationships?  We often see our relationships in the here and now.  What if God intends for us to leverage our relationships for a higher cause and for an eternal impact?

Join us at First Baptist in February for a new series called “Rethinking Relationships,” where we’ll learn to see our relationships through new, spiritual lenses and change the way we think about our friendships, our marriages, our families, and our neighbors.


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